This releates to raw meat, poultry and seafoods

The CSRIO is our go to for this sort of information, so the following is their advice and we think they are bang on!

“The term ‘meat’ includes beef, lamb, pork, etc. These items should be stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator.

Wrapped fresh meat can be kept safely for up to three days and unwrapped fresh meat up to five days at cold temperatures, 0° to 3° C. Wrapped meat remains moist and maintains its quality but surface growth of microorganisms is encouraged and the meat becomes slimy after about three days. If you notice an off odour, the best thing to do is to throw the food out.

Unwrapped meat lasts longer than wrapped meat. When meat is stored unwrapped, the exposed surface dries out. This drying retards microbial growth but over-drying causes undesirable colour changes and loss of flavour. A compromise can be reached by storing your meat in an adequately ventilated container or loosening the wrapping around the meat so air can circulate. To ensure all surfaces are exposed to drying, place the meat on a clean stainless steel, chrome plated or plastic rack. Do not sit the meat on a plate or other solid surface, or pack it too closely. This will reduce the drying effect. Cured meat has a longer storage life. Unwrapped cured meat may last up to three weeks at 0° to 3° C.

Uncooked minced meat, liver, kidneys, poultry and seafoods need careful storage because they usually carry large numbers of spoilage microorganisms. These can grow even at refrigeration temperatures, so always store these foods in the coldest part of the refrigeration section as close as possible to 0° C. The longest recommended storage time is three days.

Before storing chilled chicken for a couple of days, it is a good idea to take off the wrapping (if any), wash the chicken thoroughly, dry it with a paper towel then store as above. Fresh whole fish should be washed if it is to be stored for more than 24 hours.”

We can vacuum pack your meats in individual satchels which will greatly increase the fridge life and are also ideal for freezing. Our home delivery and clickNcollect orders are all individually vacuum sealed. This is also great for camping and or holiday makers staying on the coast looking to portion their meals.

Ben Budd